How do we control the printer quality and offer customers the best support?

 Quality Control + Great Service 

Taking customers As The Center

As the international business is not convenient as the local business, so most clients will be hesitate for shopping even they are very interested in the products. They are worried about the products the quality, special the after sale service. Even people purchase one simple products, if they are feel not reliable, they will not make decision, because every flaky business means bring several troubles and you will be defective for this commercial project!

Special in the city of Shenzhen where there are the most multifunction flatbed printer suppliers in China, people will find hundred digital t-shirt printer/ UV printer/ digital food printer suppliers with different performance. Even we get several different country inquiry for our support help— Yes, they purchased some products in China, but their suppliers did not response to them after they receive the printer. They do not know how to do the operation、maintenance  and do not know how to fix machine while they face problems. They purchased the machine, but they did not get value from it, just get several troubles from it and waste money, squander time and not happy for the business item. Yes, they had a great business plan but been stopped for the bad quality and service.

We AntPrint is not a very big company in the world, we even has not many clients like USA Mimaki company, but we always taking customers as the center, and want to do more better than yesterday for our customers!

If we can offer more value to them, our clients will be more successful, which will bring a bright future for both of us!

Yes, we need great cooperation to win the future!

So, if we want to offer the better customers service, what did we do to improve our customers business experience?

Just only two important things:

  1. Quality control
  2. Offer them the best after-sale service

How do we do the quality control for our printers?

Control the experienced assemble workers

Most company has the assembly staff with different years experience, which will bring one trouble: normally speaking, the newer assembly staff will make more defective products than then older assembly workers. That is the reason that different company has different products defective percentage.

In our company, every one newer should be the sample printing staff for a half year before he is the assembly worker. After that, they will be similar to our products, and know more details importance for our machine.

So, all of our assembly staff has more than a half years experience in our company, which can help our superior quality rate can up to 99.5%.

Vibration Simulation Test

For the international shipping always has several risk, if the cables are loosen because of the shipping, it will take you so much time to find the printer problems and fix it. So, we are pay high attention to the vibration simulation test after we install our printing machines.

Each machine will been do the vibration simulation test after assembly. We use the simulated vehicle transportation shaking table (vibration testing machine) to test for 3 hours for every UV printers, dtg printers and food printers.

After that, we will turn on the printer and do the analog printing, check all the buttons functions.

If they are workable, then will be put into our warehouse.

Vibration Simulation Test for 3 hours after assembly

Quality checking again before shipping

Quality Inspection Before Shipping

Different from the assembly department, we have the special quality inspection department. They will do the all checking again before shipping.

Details checking items like: All of the goods list, the printer voltage (should be suitable with the customers country voltage), the printer’s buttons functions should be normal, analog printing should be normal no any ink or paper jam, the printer appearance is excellent without damage etc.

All of the inspection video and goods list pictures, our salesman will sent to our customers for confirmation before shipping.

The package only can be sent out after we get the confirmation from our clients!

How do we offer customers the best after-sale support ?

Professional Online International Engineer Team

Different from some other irresponsible companies, we have professional online international engineer team who are good at tech and English. All of them has more than 2 years experience in our company before they become one eligible engineer. So, they are more easy to guide the new operator to learn this machine. What’s more, they can help our clients find out the printer problems quickly.

They also very accomplishment with patient character, full of service spirit. So, you never need worried that they will give you up if you has no the great manipulative ability, they will follow you up until you can operate printer completely.

Normally speaking, our working time is Monday to Saturday – 8:30AM-6:00PM, but our engineer always service to our customers even here is very late in China. If your printer has problems and you are catch up your printing order schedule, they can be stay with you all the time until they already fix it!

Whatsapp online support

Online Tools: TeamViewer \ Whatsapp \ wetransfer \ wechat \ E-mail \ Skype etc.

Operation Video

Each printer models have the corresponding operation guide videos. Most customers can operate the machine themselves after they watch our operation videos. As the operation video, there are two parts: One part is the printer installation video, another part is the software installation. They can find the operation video >>>

Operation Manual

Customers can be easy to find our operation book in our website, we also will sent the guidebook together with the printer package. Guidebook has more details printer attention points that can help clients to be become more professional. User’s guidebook >>>