Remember these Five Wrong Behaviors will damage the print head

Remember these five Wrong Behaviors will damage the print head

No.1 Soak the whole print head into the cleaning liquid.

Textile Cleaning liquid is a kind of corrosive liquids, which will be harm to the print head.

So, we recommend you just pour out little liquid and insert into the nozzle to clean the ink channel.

No.2 Mixed the different batch / brands ink (UV ink, textile ink or edible ink), or use the bad quality ink.

The ink quality is very important for the print head, good quality ink can print smoothly but bad quality ink will block the nozzles easily. If you mix the different brand / batch ink, they will make chemical reaction and change the ink attribute.

No.3 Adjust the print head position by the forced power.

While you change or trim the print head position, please do not adjust by the forced strength.

No.4 Spill out the liquid on the electric circuit accidentally.

If the liquid spill on the protective circuit board or other internal systems, the print head and mainboard will be burned out directly while you turn on your printer.

So, please remember to turn off the printer total power before cleaning, also do not spill the liquid on the circuit system.

No.5 Do the maintenance while the printer is power on.

Some operators want to check the electric circuit system for the machine, but they did not remember to turn off the total power switch for the printer, it’s very easy to burn out the printer head and other circuit board.