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AntPrint Co., Limited

Antprint Co., Limited specialized in the multifunctional flatbed printer ( T-shirt printer, UV printer and food printer ) since the year of 2007 in China, as the digital t-shirt printer also called dtg printer, direct to garment printer.

Digital t-shirt printer is a kind of inkjet printer that can print any design on your t-shirts/socks / hat / non-woven bags, no matter it is light background or dark background, because there are textile white ink with mature performance. Now it is widely application on the different market, such as the advertising company, art photography market, garment/leather/conton/ non-woven market, socks and hat company and so on.

Now we are doing all of the multifunctional flatbed printer business, such as t-shirt printer, UV flatbed printer, eco-solvent flatbed printer, food printer  etc . We also supply the eco-solvent ink, UV ink, textile ink and food ink, Epson printer head, Epson motherboard, clean unit, CISS ( continue ink supply system), carriage,damper etc.

Our Vision

Escort for all small and medium enterprises’s printing business.

Our Mission

Always offer customers the best quality products, 100% good service and cooperation opportunity

Our Values

(一)Taking customers as the center

(二)Embracing change and flux

(三)Be eager to learning and down-to-earth

Why you should choose our ANT-PRINT ?

1) Factory outlet

Ant-Print factory always offer you the quality products, reliable after-sale guarantee and reasonable price.

2) New way of printing method

  • No need printing plate making;
  • Instant samples;
  • Cheaper printing cost;
  • Instant printing result, mass productions.
  • One process to finish one printing job, with excellent output quality;
  • Easy to operate and maintenance

3) White ink circulation system

  • The white ink will be flowing every 30 minutes from the ink tube to the ink cartridge/damper, which will protect the printer head be blocked from the white ink.

4) Auto Onekey

  • Printer with head protection system, adjust the height automatically. It can protect the printer head from knocking, no need adjust the printing distance by hand while it is printing. After adjust the printing distance, the printer will feed your products to the printer and printing directly.

5)Auto Do the nozzle cleaning and auto ink suction, no need do the ink suction by hand anymore.

  • This function makes the printhead cleaning job much easier, more convenient, faster, and safer, with excellent inks from Korea, special for our printer, only need to clean print head once 1.5 half month.
  • For our updated t-shirt printer with the function of Onekey to do the waste ink pump, so you no need do the ink suction anymore while you get your new machine.

6) Onekey  to “print” directly

  • No matter where your printer platform is, after you put your products on the platform and click ” Print ” in the newest RIP 9.0.3 software, the printer will feed the products > adjust the height automatically > print directly. The printing is pretty easy.

7)Single color cleaning

  • While the printhead are blocked, we can just clean one single color which is blocked which saves inks

8)Perfect ink supply systems

  • Ant-Print adopts two levels ink filter system(CISS) for makes the operation procedures more convenient, cleaner and easier to refill inks, and ensures printhead will not be clogged easily, Also it provides consistent pressure to the ink supply systems which makes a better ink liquidity, ensure the printhead working properly.

9) High-end display screen

  • That can help you know all the printing situation of your printer.

10)Stable machine performance

  • nearly 11 years of professional experience ensures stable machine performance,low failure rate and long lifespan;
  • manufacture in large volumes ensures low price and high cost-ratio;

11)Excellent after-sale service

  • Which maintenance solution with full range of accessories and completed consumables supply system;
  • We can offer online English service by our skillful and experienced technicians,online guide with camera& microphone to help you;
  • We’ve detailedly record the videos of how to maintain the machine to the User manual DVD.